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Wednesday, February 10, 2010


The very fabulous TheNewGay.net has posted part one of a three part interview with Mr. Merritt.  It's a very fun interview; I particularly enjoy watching the interviewer (Mr. Zack Rosen) beam with delight and excitement.  And, of course, Mr. Merritt's bewilderment over strange noises (much like "forest sounds," for those of you who do get that obscure reference).  Follow these links for part two and part three (thanks to Keith for correcting my idiocy in regards to these two links).

And, on reflection, this very well may be the single best interview with Mr. Merritt I've ever seen or read, no hyperbole involved.  Mr. Rosen, despite his apparent nervousness, asks consistently engaging questions and gets Mr. Merritt talking about political and social issues in a way I've never heard before.  Kudos to him.

Watch part one below:

It's also worth noting that The New Gay has previously interviewed Ms. Claudia Gonson.


  1. "Stephin Merritt: Listening to Disco in Gay Bars So You Don't Have To."

  2. the other two parts are already up...

  3. Could you provide a link, Keith? 'Cause I can't seem to locate them and I DESPERATELY want to see them!

  4. Nevermind, found them on Youtube. I was searching on The New Gay. I am editing the posts now.

  5. They do bring him out somewhat, but overall he seems awfully uncomfortable; what most interviews have seemed to suggest is that Mr. Merritt tends to prefer talking about the details of his music, not so much things outside of that world. Then again, every time I read one of these articles, like just about everybody else here, I'm internally screaming "I could do this so much better!!" But I think I need to work for a publication first. Judging by this recent blitz, it wouldn't be a tricky feat...

  6. I tend to agree with Mr. Merritt's "only music questions" policy, but he doesn't seem too put off by the ones in these videos and they're not so intrusive into his personal life that I feel he need be. He really only seems uncomfortable when there's a disagreement, and I think that's more hesitance or thoughtfulness. I really love the interview, anyhow.

    And, yes, there needs to be a fan-wide interview with him, at this point. He repeatedly gets asked either inane or repetitive questions that we fans could so easily overcome.