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Sunday, February 7, 2010


I caved and looked at the set list I posted the other day and it's beautiful.  Absolutely beautiful.

But, apparently, as I had previously been led NOT to believe, they are playing more than one set list.  This review of the Montreal show mentions songs not on the set list posted the other day (thanks to Brian Coffey for this link).  Also, there is a video posted at this link of them playing a song in Montreal that they didn't play in Washington DC.  Don't click either of these links if you have more will power than I and are henceforth NOT going to spoil the set list(s) for yourself.  Although, the link to the video will not start playing the video instantly if you're interested in reading the mini-review that comes with it (I didn't watch the video, anyhow).  If anyone has a partial or complete set list from the Montreal show, we'd probably be best friends forever if you e-mailed it to me.  <3

I suppose if I were a more responsible blogger, I would have posted this review of the DC show the other day, but I didn't, and I apologize.  But, there it is now!  The author has very few bad things to say about the band, but several bad things to say about humidity.

The absolutely amazing photograph above comes from this interview with Mr. Merritt, which is a good read.  He talks a lot abut his disdain for touring, but there is some un-tread territory as well.

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