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Saturday, February 20, 2010


Somebody has been awesome enough to post two old bootleg videos of The Magnetic Fields playing in 1996.  They are, of course, too lovely for words.  For fans like me who got into the band post-69LS, this will no-doubt be a revelation.  Certainly their current live instrumentation is more akin to the band's sound as a whole, but these videos (and, ahem, certain recordings I've mustered up over the years) are just fascinating to watch.  It's also worth noting that these videos were made in the brief period of time in the 90's when Claudia Gonson has left the band and was replaced with a drum machine charmingly dubbed "Claudiatron."

Thanks very much to Mr. Jesus Lapiedra for sending these my way and for being a nice, modern gentleman all around.

Firstly, "Why I Cry:"

And, "Summer Lies:"


  1. Summer Lies is definitely in my Top 10 Stephin Merritt songs... I'm extremely happy to see a live version available, and from before they switched to all acoustics!

  2. Which reminds me I never uploaded those files for you, did I? What a bad, forgetful person I am! Hopefully I can get those to you by this Wednesday or Thursday, Mr. Anderson, but I'll let you know if that plan goes awry for any reason. Consider it a late birthday present.

  3. The Claudiatron was actually a keyboard with drum sounds, not a drum machine per-se. You can see SM turn it off at the end of Why I Cry.

    I was at these shows and many others in the 1990s. Great memories.

  4. Thanks for clearing that up, Mr. Sweaters. I am not musically-inclined enough to know that sort of information without outside influence, f'realzies, so thanks.

    I'd kill to go back in time and see the band in its faux indie-rock phase. Don't get me wrong, I adore the band's live show now, and generally feel it's more suited to them, but these videos are just so gorgeous.