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Thursday, January 28, 2010


There are a ton of new reviews, of course, but, as I said, I think I'm done posting those until someone begs me to do otherwise.  Until then:

Exclaim has a quasi-interview with Mr. Merritt wherein he discusses the synths that will be on the next Magnetic Fields record and 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, both of which are awesome things for him to be discussing right now.

CBC has an interview with Mr. Merritt as well, featuring him claiming for the umpteenth time that he wants to stop singing and write songs for k.d. lang.  Wouldn't she just be a dreamy 6ths vocalist?  Perhaps one day...

Filter Magazine has an interview as well, featuring perhaps Mr. Merritt's best monosyllabic response to a question ever.  And, there's other interesting stuff about the no-synths trilogy.

Then there's another interview with Mr. Merritt over at DC Metro Weekly, featuring at least one question submitted by yours truly, which is cool enough to warrant printing it out, I think.  That is not the only factor contributing to it being a generally kickass interview, though, I promise.  Thanks to Nick for bringing the latter to my attention.  Also, what does Mr. Merritt mean by "pianette?"  Will someone explain?


  1. A pianette is a small piano, I'm guessing.

    Yeah, Google says so...

  2. I looked it up shortly thereafter and it isn't too much of a change, really. Fair game.