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Saturday, January 30, 2010


Mr. Merritt will be appearing on this radio show this Wednesday at 8:05 AM EST, according to this link.  For those who can't stream the live show as it airs, a MP3 will exist.  Thanks to Mr. Alex Anderson for this news.

The Book of Love/Not One of Us single was released on iTunes today, and is definitely worth the $1.99, as both songs are gorgeous.  The discography has been updated with this information.

The Magnetic Fields' tour starts this coming Thursday, people!!  How crazy is that shit?  Too excited.


  1. Say, when you go to those shows, you should take some pen and paper and write down the setlists and post them on here. Just a suggestion.

  2. I can't promise to post them here, as I wouldn't want to spoil it for those expecting a surprise (as I am), but I can promise to e-mail them to you or get them to you in some similar fashion. I'm thinking of maybe doing a photo blog of the whole trip - the GF digs the idea, anyhow, though we'll have to find a digital camera somewhere in the world.

  3. You could just use your phone camera if you have one or just get a disposable camera from your local drug store. But they're selling digital cameras for under $100 now, I think.