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Friday, January 22, 2010


It is with ire that I post that The Magnetic Fields have posted all of Realism on their Myspace account.  Aging Spinsters, being the sticklers that they (they?) are, are refusing to post a link to it because they are a grumpy young man.  It's strange that this is gramatically correct, but sounds so, so wrong.

Also, Nonesuch Records posted the third part of the conversation between Claudia and Stephin, entitled Sincerity is an Odd Duck, wherein they discuss Stephin's minimal use of sincerity in songwriting.  Familiar territory for him if ever I've heard it, but it is nice to hear the two of them expound upon it.

Also: none of you care, but I just got front row tickets to the second Fields show in Chicago.  Life is good.

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