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Saturday, January 23, 2010


Drowned in Sound has posted this absolutely amazing interview with Mr. Merritt, wherein he discusses several tasty topics.  He blatantly says the next Magnetic Fields record will be almost exclusively synth-produced, discusses the setlist for the upcoming shows,  talks about Antony Hegarty, and further dissects Realism's relationship to folk music.

And, I'd be remiss not to post more reviews of RealismThe London Independent gives it four out of five stars (thanks to Brian Coffey for this news), and Strangeglue gives it 8 out of 10.  Not to mention the first negative review of Realism!!  It's from a website called Snob's Music, though, so I can't help but ingest a giant amount of salt upon reading it.  But, to prove my objectivity, it is here.

Love The Magnetic Fields and haiku but too poor to buy tickets to see them?  Well, then enter this competition curated by Brightest Young Things, you fool!


  1. A question, in Haiku form:

    Two more day until
    Realism is released.
    Can you stand the wait?

    I entered, but I never win these things. Ha.

  2. If yours was the one about drinking and blinking, that was actually my favorite one, and I don't say such things as mindless platitudes.

    Good luck. I'd enter, but I don't need the tix, and I'm completely talentless.

  3. Agreed - David's was the best haiku.

    Talentless, Mr. Williamson? I hardly think so.

    The days will fly.