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Monday, January 25, 2010


Lots of new stuff today.  Firstly, Nonesuch Records has posted the fourth installment of the Claudia/Stephin conversation, entitled In the Reverb Chamber, wherein the pair discusses the musical qualities of bathroom, and some very adorable onomatopoeia.

Then, of course, I'd be remiss if I didn't mention the Realism album release party taking place tonight at Beauty Bar in New York.  The party will feature guest DJ Mr. Merritt playing his favorite bubblegum music and promises to be a generally rollicking good time.  I, of course, wish I could attend this hootenanny, but am left to sit at home and read about it on Twitter all night.

Spinner has also posted this brief but pretty cool interview with Mr. Merritt.

And, reviews!  All positive this time.  Ugly Rumors digs the album's overt links to Distortion, but abandons use of a grading scale.  The Metro seems rather neutral all the way through and inanely confuses Ms. Simms with Ms. Gonson.  Express Night Out seems to dig the music a little bit, but finds the record's theme irksome.  Ventvox has nothing but raves about the album.  NOW Magazine gives the record four out of five N's, perfectly cementing my idea that a rating scale is generally not a good idea when reviewing records.  Ever the conformist, PopMatters gives the record 8 out of 10 stars.

The record is out in some parts of the world, and people are listening to it.  I won't have my hands on a copy until tomorrow when it comes out in the US, which is regrettable, but I cannot say how excited I am.  The announcement of this record is what prompted me to finally get off my ass and start this blog, and feeling the enthusiasm of all you readers (and, I've talked to tons of you) has increased my own tenfold.  Realism's release has perhaps been the most exciting, for me, at least, of any of Mr. Merritt's releases since I became an admirer of his.  So, thank you guys for that, and I hope you enjoy the record.  Be aware that the author might die of excitement before tomorrow.

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