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Wednesday, January 20, 2010


In a whirlwind of awesomeness, Nonesuch Records has posted this absolutely incredible conversation between Ms. Claudia Gonson and Mr. Stephin Merritt talking about Realism, its production, and sampling bits of the album.  I, of course, had to mute my Mac when new music was played, but it is otherwise an incredible, incredible little piece.  The plan is to post another segment of the conversation and more music every day until Realism is released (which is so close I can taste it now).  Mr. Merritt is in prime interview form here, too - "I'm an auteur!"  So great.

There is an interview with Mr. Merritt by TheQuietus.com right over here.  Some questions tread familiar territory, but there are some really interesting answers.  The 6ths tidbit is of particular devastating interest, and it is nice to hear Mr. Merritt acknowledge himself as the best songwriter of the 21st century, even if he does take it back a couple of breaths later.

There's also this, but for whatever reason, the audio won't work or play.  Just a broken link.  Hopefully Drowned in Sound will fix this problem some time in the near future.

Drowned in Sound also published this rather strange review of Realism.  It's a fun read, though, and the album gets 8/10 stars or points or whatever the fuck.  Enjoy!

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