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Tuesday, January 12, 2010


According to this website, Mr. Merritt appeared today on the CBC radio Program Drive.  They also played the as-yet unreleased song "You Must Be Out of Your Mind" from the forthcoming Realism.  The shitty part about all of this is that this website is sort of impossible to navigate and I have yet to find any way to listen to Mr. Merritt's appearance or the song.  If someone else does, please let me know in a comment or an e-mail or something as I'd love to hear either one.

Also, it might be important to note that we're at the two week mark here, people.  What a world!

And, it might be worth noting that Realism has leaked.  Aging Spinsters does not plan on supporting the leak or listening to the album before January 26, but I'm pretty sure you all are smart enough to know where to go for the damn thing.  Just don't tell me too much about it, I suppose, I'm looking forward to the surprise.

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