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Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Realism is available for purchase today, which kinda makes you an idiot for reading this.  GO BUY IT!  IT'S BEAUTIFUL!

The last installment in the conversation between Claudia and Stephin was posted by Nonesuch today and it's entitled Defining Realism.  In it, Stephin and Claudia discuss why the record is named as it is and the differences between orch-folk and orc-folk.

The National Post posted this lovely interview with Mr. Merritt, wherein he admits that "Walk a Lonely Road" is another vampire song!  How fun, especially considering I hadn't guessed that beforehand.

Exclaim has posted this mini-biography of Mr. Merritt's life and works.  While there are some discrepancies, it is mostly accurate and a nice summary of information otherwise scattered throughout the internet.

And, while I know you all don't want any more reviews now that the author has published the epitomal answer to one, I'd be a poor author if I did anything other than post about 65 right here, right now.  So, here: The Record Reviewer digs the fuck out of it, while Dusted Magazine, a publication I usually trust, kinda hates it a little bit.   The A.V. Club, in a right turn of awesomeness, give the album an A-, with reader reviews equalling the same score!  NPR reviews it but scurries away from stating an opinion, which is kind of annoying, but they might discuss it on-air later or something.  The Washington Post and The Los Angeles Times do not have entirely dissimilar opinions.  Autostraddle thinks it's alright and discusses the queer appeal of The Magnetic Fields.

I'm expecting this site to be even more frequently-updated now that the record is out.  The tour will be starting soon which means there will be all kinds of interviews with local media sources, plus We Are Having a Hootenanny will kick into full gear.  So, keep an eye open, and listen to Realism until the CD falls apart.  It's so good.

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